Fitch: Pension ruling a new setback

Fitch Ratings said Tuesday the Puerto Rico Supreme Court decision finding recent ...

Tito, bank take breather in debt fight

Puerto Rico boxing legend Félix “Tito” Trinidad and Banco Popular have reached a ...

Audit: Loan repayments vital to GDB

The Government Development Bank’s health rests squarely on collecting on a growi ...

FINRA lifts hold on PR bond cases as it adds hundreds of arbitrators to roster

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) said Monday it has expanded ...

PR police getting 4 new helicopters
Issued: April 15, 2014
The Puerto Rico Police Department is getting four new helicopters, five Hum ...

PR govt agencies set for long holiday
Issued: April 15, 2014
Much of Puerto Rico’s government is shutting down for five days after the w ...

GOP official apologizes for PR remarks
Issued: April 15, 2014
The head of the Republican Party in a Central Florida urban hub has apologi ...

Panel issues report on economic fixes
Issued: April 15, 2014
A commission created by Gov. Alejandro García Padilla to map solutions to s ...

$4B: Bogus tax refunds a growing problem for US, reaches deep into PR
Issued: April 15, 2014
WASHINGTON — An Internet connection and a bunch of stolen identities are all it takes for crooks to collect billions of dollars in bogus fed ...

Rums of PR seeks steady funding flow, eyes $10M shot from federal rebate
Issued: April 15, 2014
The director of the Rums of Puerto Rico is seeking to get funds flowing again to an agency that has not been given a legislated operational ...

Teachers can drop retirement after ruling
Issued: April 15, 2014
Teachers that jumped toward early retirement to avoid pension reform changes can opt to stay on the job now that the Supreme Court has decla ...

PR bond yields up on pension ruling
Issued: April 14, 2014
Yields on Puerto Rico’s junk-rated bonds jumped Monday in heavy trading after the island’s Supreme Court shot down legislation to reform the ...

UPR moving away from tuition hike
Issued: April 14, 2014
Top University of Puerto Rico Governing Board members have gotten behind a plan to shelve tuition hikes at the 11-campus system.

Governor, wife pay $6,783 in taxes on income of $81,718
Issued: April 14, 2014
Gov. Alejandro García Padilla and wife Wilma Pastrana Jiménez paid $6,520 in taxes on $81,718 in combined adjusted income last year, La Fort ...

Police union takes aim at pension reform
Issued: April 14, 2014
A police union is preparing a legal challenge of the broader government employees pension reform after the Puerto Rico Supreme Court overtur ...

Unions sound alarm on regionalization
Issued: April 14, 2014
Union leaders representing some 40,000 public sector workers are speaking out against a proposal to transfer more services to municipal gove ...

PR students stellar in NASA rover race
Issued: April 14, 2014
Puerto Rico students shined brightly at NASA’s inaugural Human Exploration Rover Challenge at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsvil ...

PR-DR passenger ferry out of service
Issued: April 14, 2014
America Cruise Ferries said Monday that passenger service between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will be idled for at least two week ...

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Could police have averted the Boston bombings?
Issued: April 15, 2014
BOSTON — It was a shocking slaying in a Boston suburb that sometimes goes years without one homicide, let alone three at once. The victims&# ...

Detroit makes deal with retired cops, firefighters
Issued: April 15, 2014
DETROIT — The city of Detroit has reached a deal with retired police officers and firefighters that would preserve current pensions.

Union fights push to hire private tax collectors
Issued: April 15, 2014
WASHINGTON — A public employees union is fighting a bipartisan effort in Congress to force the Internal Revenue Service to hire private cont ...

Solemn tributes mark Boston Marathon bombing
Issued: April 15, 2014
BOSTON — A tribute is underway in Boston for those killed and injured in the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon a year ago.

Court upholds EPA emission standards
Issued: April 15, 2014
WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court has upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's emission standards for hazardous air pollutants fr ...

Yellen: Mega-banks might need to hold more capital
Issued: April 15, 2014
WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Tuesday that the largest U.S. banks might need to hold additional capital to withstand ...

Minnesota joins states raising minimum wage
Issued: April 14, 2014
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Tens of thousands of Minnesota workers have big raises coming their way, courtesy of a new minimum wage law that Gov. Mark ...

Social Security halts effort to collect old debts
Issued: April 14, 2014
WASHINGTON — The Social Security Administration says it is suspending a program in which thousands of people were having their tax refunds s ...

CBO: Deficits to drift lower on lower health costs
Issued: April 14, 2014
WASHINGTON — A congressional report predicts slightly smaller deficits both this year and over the coming decade, with lower spending on fed ...

Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace
Issued: April 14, 2014
NEW YORK — Google has bought Titan Aerospace, a maker of solar-powered drones, saying it could help bring Internet access to remote parts of ...

Study: Snack might keep marital peace
Issued: April 14, 2014
WASHINGTON — A quick candy bar may stave off more than hunger. It could prevent major fights between husbands and wives, at least if a new s ...

Report projects health care costs to dip slightly
Issued: April 14, 2014
WASHINGTON — The Affordable Care Act's health insurance subsidies will cost a little less than previously thought, according to a new re ...

Paternity leave catching on in pro sports
Issued: April 14, 2014
Tony Pérez was on the road with the Cincinnati Reds in 1966 when he got the call that his first child was on the way. There was no discussio ...

Chances of getting audited by IRS lowest in years
Issued: April 13, 2014
WASHINGTON — As millions of Americans race to meet Tuesday's tax deadline, their chances of getting audited are lower than they have bee ...

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US report finds faults in Haiti housing effort
Issued: April 15, 2014
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A U.S. government report says a $50.8 million effort by Washington to build housing for Haitians in the aftermath of ...

Venezuela opposition resumes talks with government
Issued: April 15, 2014
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's opposition resumed negotiations with the government Tuesday amid rising doubts that the talks will prod ...

Bolivia president takes Chile coast case to court
Issued: April 15, 2014
THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The president of Bolivia has delivered written legal arguments to the United Nations' highest court in his land ...

EU lawmakers complete financial system overhaul
Issued: April 15, 2014
BRUSSELS — The European Union's Parliament on Tuesday completed the biggest overhaul of the bloc's financial system since the introd ...

Chinese sneaker factory workers go on strike
Issued: April 15, 2014
HONG KONG — Workers at a Chinese factory owned by Yue Yuen, the world's largest maker of athletic footwear for brands such as Nike and A ...

Malaysia jet search area too deep for submarine
Issued: April 15, 2014
PERTH, Australia — A robotic submarine hunting for the missing Malaysian jet aborted its first mission after only six hours, surfacing with ...

US: Evidence of Russia driving Ukraine unrest
Issued: April 14, 2014
WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday said there was "overwhelming evidence" that Russia is fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine, ...

UN to grill Vatican again on clergy sex abuse
Issued: April 14, 2014
NEW YORK — A second U.N. committee plans to question Vatican officials on failures to stop clergy sex abuse.

Venezuelan journalist freed 8 days after kidnap
Issued: April 14, 2014
CARACAS, Venezuela — A Venezuelan journalist has been freed eight days after she was kidnapped.

Robotic submarine deployed in search for plane
Issued: April 14, 2014
PERTH, Australia — Search crews sent a robotic submarine deep into the Indian Ocean on Monday to begin scouring the seabed for the missing M ...

Jamaica reports big drop in lionfish sightings
Issued: April 14, 2014
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica is reporting a big decline in sightings of lionfish, the voracious invasive species that has been wreaking havoc ...

Lift in world trade predicted next year
Issued: April 14, 2014
GENEVA — The World Trade Organization predicts global commerce will grow 5.3 percent next year, an improvement that would bring it back in l ...

Climate panel says emissions rising, avoids blame
Issued: April 13, 2014
BERLIN — The U.N.’s expert panel on climate change on Sunday highlighted the disconnect between international goals to fight global warming ...

Finance officials: Global economy turns the corner
Issued: April 12, 2014
WASHINGTON — The world's top finance officials expressed confidence Saturday that the global economy finally has turned the corner to st ...

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