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Lounging with artists at Galería Paseos

Have you been to Galería Paseos lately? You may have noticed the second floor, below Sears, was quite unoccupied for a while. Nancy Laureano, the mall's marketing director, sure noticed it and quickly saw the potential to draw in a crowd of hip youngsters through creation, music and good-time, art-loving lounging. The space is set to open at an event today (June 16) from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Dubbed as The Pop Art District, this section of the shopping center will house the Celestino Hi End Gallery and Gilbert Salinas Art Studio. The spaces are for local artists to exhibit their work and fellow art lovers to lounge in, encircled by a colorful, palpable vibrancy—and the smell of canvas and fresh paint.

Galería Paseos and the whole team contributing to this effort are looking to fill the gap left by former monthly "Noches de Galería" events in Viejo San Juan.

Laureano contrived the launching event while under the spell of Cirque Du Soleil's "The Beatles LOVE" show, which has been running in Las Vegas since 2006. The show's infamously hectic staging seeks to constantly dazzle spectators with an ever-dynamic surrounding.

Consequently, today's launch promises to be a frenzied one. There will be a puppet show, celebrity impersonators, mimes, live music, and tango and flamenco dancers. To say anything else would be spoiling it.

Besides the namesake galleries' owners, exhibiting artists include: Desirée Velázquez Rodríguez, and her darker, more psychological work; Carmen Salinas, an abstract-expressionist sculptor with a fascinating sense of femininity and sensory incorporation; Bladimir Díaz, renowned artist from the Dominican Republic; and former University of Puerto Rico President José M. Saldaña, who lends a bit of realism to a mostly contemporary proposal.