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Issued : Monday, November 12, 2012 02:45 PM
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García Padilla, Fortuño face-to-face

By CB Online Staff

Gov.-elect Alejandro García Padilla met with Gov. Luis Fortuño at La Fortaleza on Monday as part of the transition process ahead of the handover of power in January.

It was the first meeting between García Padilla and Fortuño since the Popular Democratic Party challenger beat the New Progressive Party incumbent in a close race on election day last Tuesday.

The two administrations have been in contact over the government transition process. García Padilla, who accompanied by his wife Wilma Pastrana, is expected to name his transition team on Monday afternoon.

“The campaign is behind us,” García Padilla said. “Now it is time for Puerto Rico to move forward. I am confident we will find cooperation from all sectors.”

Fortuño and García Padilla spoke about efforts undertaken by the current administration, challenges that lie ahead and issues that require immediate attention.

Fortuño reiterated his pledge to oversee an efficient, transparent and polite transition for the good of Puerto Rico. He called on all islanders to come together to continue to help Puerto Rico dig out of a six-year recession.

“I renew my call for all of Puerto Rico to support and respect the governor-elect and resident commissioner so we can continue to make progress,” Fortuño said. “It is time to come together as one people and to leave politics behind for the future of our island.”

As the two politicians spoke, first lady Lucé Vela took Pastrana on a tour of the residential part of La Fortaleza, the Puerto Rico governor’s home and offices in Old San Juan.

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