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Issued : Sunday, October 2, 2011 09:15 AM
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Report: Shakira buys Caribbean island

By CB Online Staff

Colombian singer Shakira and Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters are reportedly getting into the Caribbean tourism business.

The two musicians have reportedly paid $16 million to purchase Bonds Cay, a small island in the northern part of the Bahamas chain. Press reports say they plan to build a high-end resort with luxury homes, private beaches and hotels.

Bonds Cay has five beaches and three bays, along with a number of waterfalls.

“It’s a beautiful island. It’s got some height to it, which means as you build up, you get better views. There is the ocean to the east of it so you’ve got reefs and views of turquoise water. On the other side of the island is limey, light turquoise water because it is shallow. It’s a great fishing area,” said John Christie, vice president of Caribbean real estate brokerage H.G. Christie told Bahamas4u.com.

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