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Issued : Friday, March 9, 2012 06:17 PM
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Daco chief tapped to head Tourism Co.


Gov. Luis Fortuño on Friday appointed Consumer Affairs (DACO) Secretary Luis Rivera Marín to serve as the new Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (PRTC) executive director, a position that must be confirmed by the Senate.

“I am very pleased to announce the nomination of Luis Rivera Marín. As DACO secretary, he demonstrated total commitment to his work and the Puerto Rican people, and this was the determining factor in making the selection,” Fortuño said.

“I know that just as he worked to defend the rights of our consumers and oversee the compliance with DACO regulations, he will work hard to continue developing our tourism industry and its rhythm of growth and strengthen our efforts to redirect our economy,” the governor added.

Fortuño said Rivera Marín would continue as DACO secretary until he wins Senate confirmation for the PRTC job. He is substituting Mario González Lafuente, who is leaving the post next week to take the reigns of the executive director’s job at the Roosevelt Roads Local Redevelopment Authority.

The PRTC chief heads the Puerto Rico government’s efforts to boost a local tourism industry that contributes roughly 6 percent to the island’s GDP, or $3.6 billion, and supports about 62,000 direct and indirect jobs, a 27 percent increase since 1990.

As PRTC executive director, Rivera Marín will be at the helm of a public corporation with over 500 employees, and a budget of $100 million. He has a close working relationship with the tourism industry in Puerto Rico and abroad, where he represents the island in organizations such as the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association.

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