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Issued : Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:00 AM
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SuperMax to open Boar’s Head deli counter in 3 stores

Edition: April 14, 2011 | Volume: 39 | No: 14

Part of plan to diversify in-store marketing; chain’s continued ‘organic’ growth could include additional locations

SuperMax, one of the island’s leading supermarket chains, is opening in-store Boar’s Head deli counters at several major SuperMax locations in the greater San Juan metropolitan area.

The first Board’s Head deli counter is slated to open April 16 at Plaza Guaynabo. Next in line will be stores on De Diego Avenue in Condado, in the San Francisco sector of Río Piedras and on Isla Verde Avenue in Isla Verde.

The in-store additions are part of expansion plans that call for the opening of several stores over the next few years, CARIBBEAN BUSINESS has learned.

The chain has been steadily growing since 2009 to its current network of 15 stores, up from nine locations only a couple of years ago. Plans are for continued growth both organically and from future acquisitions.

“It has been a part of our strategy to grow without having to borrow,” explained José Revuelta, president of SuperMax. “Our growth philosophy isn’t measured just in terms of sales or company size. Our main goal is to become a premier Puerto Rican company. To the extent that additional locations and organic growth contribute to our goals of excellence, we will continue to add locations.”

From an operational standpoint, the rapidly growing food retailer has been fine-tuning its in-store marketing and co-op advertising programs to increase foot traffic and sales.

Revuelta said steady growth, an aggressive pricing strategy, careful merchandise selection and ongoing diversification of in-store marketing efforts are among the factors that continue to make SuperMax one of the most financially viable food retailers on the island.

New York-based Boar’s Head Provisions Co. is a leading manufacturer of quality delicatessen products. The Boar’s Head partnership with SuperMax is in keeping with the manufacturer’s local expansion plans to make Boar’s Head products available at select retail and dining locations around the island.

Boar’s Head in-store delis are already available at Bottles Restaurant in Guaynabo and La Hacienda Meat Market stores.

SuperMax is the first food retail chain to have the in-store deli program, which, in addition to premium meat, poultry and beef cuts, offers a variety of deli sandwiches prepared to order.

The SuperMax program will be similar to the successful Boar’s Head in-store deli program with Publix supermarket stores in Florida.

In addition to offering premium quality, Boar’s Head products do not use gluten, colorants, artificial flavors or trans fats, making them one of the industry’s top heart-healthy products approved by the American Heart Association. The Boar’s Head deli program complements SuperMax’s own Chef Max line of home-meal replacement products launched two years ago at their De Diego Avenue location, and since has expanded to the San Francisco and Santa María stores.

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