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Issued : Wednesday, September 19, 2012 12:00 AM
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Fransglobal’s franchise seminar promotes business opportunities

Edition: September 20, 2012 | Volume: 40 | No: 37

Given today's economy and bleak job market, many in the workforce are looking for ways to reinvent themselves by exploring new income opportunities. While some have considered franchising, most people see the concept as beyond their reach, assuming they would need lots of cash and entrepreneurial know-how to get started. However, according to Carlos Budet, president & CEO of Fransglobal Corp., the process is surprisingly more cost effective and "user friendly" than some might think. "Our franchising opportunities revolve around a well-organized and well-documented procedure that adheres to all Federal Trade Commission [FTC] requirements," he said.

As the worldwide development agent of the highly successful Taco Maker, Fransglobal also markets franchise and development opportunities for Jake's as well. Depending on the size, brand and location of the store, Budet said entrepreneurs can obtain a 15-year franchise license starting at $15,000. "Our franchise opportunities cover a wide range of possibilities and are excellent options for family members who want to pool their money and invest in an enterprise that can guarantee jobs for their sons, daughters, parents and spouses," he said.

A unique concept in Puerto Rico, Jake's is being advertised as a complete food court under one roof, with franchise opportunities available throughout the island. While most of the Jake's currently in operation are primarily serving ice-cream treats, the new restaurants will feature everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to pizza, chicken and salads. "We are relaunching Jake's as the place that has something for everybody," Budet said. Having taken over the franchise in 2006 (as Jake's Over the Top), the company is in the process of modernizing the store design and adding more selections to the menu. "Usually, when a family goes out to eat, each member wants something different," he said. "At Jake's, everybody will get what they want."

With stores ranging from 200 square feet to 1,300 square feet, Joaquín Pineda, vice president of sales at Fransglobal, pointed out that the 840-square-foot modular-model edition has many possibilities right now. "This model has a small footprint that seats about 24 people and is ideal for high-traffic areas," he said, suggesting mall parking lots, hospitals, universities and gas stations as good locations. "Because it doesn't require a large building, it's a very efficient investment because it will fit almost anywhere." Initial investments for the various Jake's models range from $85,000 to $300,000, which includes the cost of the license.

With targeted growth of more than 80 new Jake's locations over the next five years, Budet said he expects a good turnout at the seminar, with additional training sessions planned for other venues throughout the island as well.

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